Diabetes Care

This handout is intended to prepare owners for the time and supplies necessary to maintain and properly monitor a diabetic feline patient and the associated costs. Please be sure to read the accompanying handout - �Diabetes Mellitus in Cats� for more information pertaining to the diagnosis, treatment, and progression of the disease. 

�    Glucose Monitor - We recommend the One Touch Ultra-Mini, the One Touch Ultra-Smart, or the Accucheck Aviva monitor. (Price range: $20 - $80) 

�    Test strips - Be sure to purchase the strips specifically recommended for the monitor you choose. (Price Range: $85 - $100 for a box of 100 strips) 

�    Needles - You will need to use 25guage needles to prick your cat's ear to test the blood glucose levels. (Price range: $15 - $20 for a box of 100.) 

If you feel more comfortable using lancets instead of needles you may. But please do not use the devices that are designed to use these lancets. (Price Range: $5 - $15 for 500.) 

�    Syringes - The syringes will need to specifically be purchased for the type of insulin you will be using. For Lantus or Humilin-N insulin, you should use U-100 (3/10 cc) syringes. These are available at your local pharmacy without a prescription. (Price Range: $18 - $25 for a box of 100.) 

If you are using Prozinc insulin, you should use U-40 syringes, which are available at our office, but are not available at a pharmacy. (Price Range: $23 -$25 for a box of 100.) 

�    Insulin - All types of insulin require refrigeration! You should also never shake a vial of insulin. However, Humulin-N and Prozinc insulin does need to be gently rolled in your hands prior to dosing, in order to properly mix the insulin suspension. Lantus insulin is not in suspension and, therefore, does not need to be rolled prior to dosing. 

Price Ranges:
Humulin-N ($25 -$40)
Lantus ($85 -$100)
Prozinc ($100 - $125)

�    Karo Syrup - This should always be on hand so that it can be administered orally in the event of an extremely low glucose level. You can find this product in the baking aisle at your grocery store. 

�    Diet - A high quality diet is extremely important to maintaining proper health for all felines, not just diabetic patients. Please discuss nutrition with your doctor to determine if a change in diet might be beneficial for your pet. We do have prescription diets, specifically designed for diabetic patients, if such a diet is required. 

Be sure to look for coupons and promotions on test strips and monitors!


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