We're pleased to offer the following services at All Cats Healthcare Clinic

At All Cats Healthcare we pride ourselves on not just caring for cats, but also for being advocates for their wellbeing and treatment at a veterinary clinic. Our services are centered on your cat from the moment they step in the door to the moment they head home with you! Our home-like surroundings offer a quiet and peaceful place free of clinic or dog smells that may upset your finicky feline. Our one-of-a-kind location is complemented by a knowledgeable and caring staff you just won't find anywhere else. 


You and your cat will enjoy a half hour appointment that includes a full examination with our feline-centered veterinarians. Our vets will evaluate your feline's total health and offer recommendations for environment, food and medication (if need be). Our vaccination plans are based around your cat's health and life stage. 

Senior Exams 

As our cats grow older, their risk for complications increases. Unfortunately, their ability to hide those complications remains strong. Their aging immune systems often struggle to resist some diseases and conditions like: Arthitis, Constipation, Kidney Disease, Dental Disease, Diabetes, Heart Disease and many more. Your senior exam includes everything from wellness exam as well a blood pressure reading. We recommend annual baseline labwork for pets over the age of 9. 

Kitten Packages 

Have you recently added a new family member? We provide kitten packages for ages 6 and 9 weeks. 

We recommend our standard package which includes
-3-4 Exams (depending on age)
-3-4 FVRCP Vaccines (given every 3-4 weeks)
-2 FeLV Vaccines (given 2-3 weeks apart)
-Rabies Vaccine (given at 4 months old)
-Fecal Examination
-2 dewormings (Strongid/Drontal)
-FeLV/FIV Test
- Spay/neuter


There is hardly a situation that compares to the stress of a pet emergency. Emergencies during our normal business hours will take precedent over any appointments. Our reception team is highly trained to handle these situations and begins alerting the technician staff the moment you call. By the time you arrive, our emergency team will be prepped and ready for your pet. Our medical team and veterinarians will triage and assess your pet offering immediate feedback for the appropriate plan. Dr. Gordon is a skilled surgeon and can perform most surgeries immediately and on site. Of course, All Cats first priority is your feline, so if the medical team feels your feline needs more advanced care we are quick to refer, ensuring your feline receives the best medical care.


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